Text Messages

It’s Simple, it’s Fun

Communicate with your friends in a quick and easy way. Add emoticons, stickers to your drab words; let your expressions flow in that simple conversation.

Group Chat

Explore the fun of unlimited conversation

Group chats now just got better. With Suchapp you now access to open groups around you. You can join new groups and meet new people discussing on everything you need to know about your new place. The world is now a wide-open place for you to make new friends with the amazing new feature of finding and joining open groups around the world wherever you are.

Web or Desktop?

Use SuchApp at your Convenience

You can now use Suchapp on both your Desktop and Mobile. When you are tired of typing from a mobile switch over to the desktop version and use your keyboard. SuchApp is available as both Mobile and Desktop versions.

Voice & Video Calls

Miles Away? Start a Group Video Conversation

Distance is not a problem anymore. Stay connected with not just text messages but through Voice and Video calls. Video calls are more fun now with Suchapp’s cool new feature that allows up to 4 persons to join a video conferencing call. Now you can have all fun joining your friends wherever they are through video conferencing.
* Data charges may apply. Contact your provider for details.

Secure Your Conversation

Privacy through End-to-end Encryption

Keep your personal texts, photos, voice messages, and documents away from prying eyes. SuchApp service respects your privacy and by adapting end-to-end encryption it guarantees zero intrusion from third parties.

Photos & Videos

Look Fantastic & Get Featured with the Coolest Effects

Let your friends know what you are up to. Share photos and videos of all your memorable moments with your friends. Add cool effects and make the pictures more special. Have unlimited fun by sharing unlimited videos and pictures with your friends and family.

Voice Messages

A Simple, Convenient Communication Thread

Add intimacy to those simple words and reach effectively. Easy to use, this feature follows a simple mechanism that makes the whole process of sending and receiving a breeze.

Send Documents on SuchApp

Share Privately, Download Limitlessly

Don’t bother about big files, share important work documents with up to 100 MB in a snap. Access to every file with convenience, and manage every account without any setback.


Discover New People, New Groups

Looking for a restaurant or a shopping mall in a new place? Join the open groups from the area you are in and get advice from the locals. Start adding new friends; a single tap and connect with new alliances. Customize the group names, images and share the interests absolutely.


Business Contacts at your fingertips

With the ability to search for new groups and members wherever you go, SuchApp provides you with the opportunity to explore new business circles. You can now search for new business groups and join the open groups or send a request to be added to private business groups. The opportunity of finding new business friends just became limitless.

The New in-app Camera

SuchApp brings Live Filters at your Finger Tips

Edit and customize your amazing selfie moments at the snap of your fingers. Match with a live filter before you share the sweet moments with your buddies. Add multiple photos and videos and roll-out a new story!!! Earn bells and whistles from your family and friends.

1000+ Stickers

To Express your Complex Feelings

Say it in style, 1000+ hilarious stickers to go for your every mood, every status. Make the conversation more fun and playful with your friends. Let your thoughts flow with fewer words but more of expressions.

Group Live Video

Get more than Quality Calls & Group Chats

Be available anytime, anywhere; get connected instantly with your friends who are miles apart. Give a personal touch, add live video to the group and keep the conversation going.


Send personalized greetings, by date, by time

Who does not like surprises? Wish your group members on their birthdays. As a group admin send unlimited customized greetings and celebrate the special day with fun and smile. Add images to the messages and liven up the day and mood.

Push Notifications

Stay updated, be more interactive and social

Warm up the dull days; update your group members with new posts and statuses through regular push notifications. Poll activities in groups are so fun and exciting, ask a question and leave others with a choice to vote.


Lighten your Pocket & Handle Money Easily

Handle and store money easily and safely on-the-go and anywhere. With the digital wallet, make and track bill payments, shop, pay rent, do bookings and much more without having to switch between multiple apps.


Learn the Art of Video Editing with High-Clarity Resolution

Create impressive corporate presentations, soul-stirring documentaries and have fun making your own videos with 4K Resolution. From fast-moving action to background details, go back to any movie transition in your videos, do neat edits, and voila, your incredibly awesome video is ready.


Enjoy Enhanced Control

As a group admin of a SuchApp business group, micromanage with efficiency. Manage members, offers and discounts, what you sell, greetings, files photos and videos with enhanced control and care.