About Us

We adopt the ever-evolving technology to have relentless growth. Our motto ’technology is growth’, captures our goal indefinitely. Our aim is to keep the people more engaging and expressive in their conversation.

SuchApp is an instant messaging service developed by Footprint Media Holdings Corporation. Headquartered in New York, Footprint Media Holdings Corporation provides innovation-led services for 198 countries around the globe.

Footprint Media Holdings Corporation began in June 2011, and with over 24 production teams, today is looking over various media entity operations and app development services.

Our App

A smart messaging app, SuchApp helps connecting people around the world. Find open groups, conduct free VoIP conversations and video conferences, make voice calls, video calls, either in group or one-on-one, and SuchApp will back you.

SuchApp works on both desktop and phone, and with end-to-end encryption keeps your messages and calls safe from third-parties.

Our Mission

SuchApp was developed by a team of passionate developers who are always ready to go an extra mile for bringing innovation to lives. With new features, SuchApp guarantees the best messaging service, which is simple, fast, and reliable.